Green trend boosts plastic building materials business in China

date: 8/29/2014

SHANGHAI — The greening of China’s domestic building materials market is giving the plastics industry a boost. At the Green Building Material Exhibition, the trend for “green” was apparent, even if one had to search hard for companies for whom “eco” was not just an advertising gimmick.


New-age Building Materials that Negate Age-old Energy Waste

date: 6/6/2014

No matter how careful we are with turning off electrical devices in an attempt to save energy, we tend to waste some of it every single day. There is no perfect system for insulation that will keep every last particle of heated air in the home. Electronic devices are so intertwined with the modern life that it is impossible to remember to turn off every last one. Despite these energy wasting challenges, there are alternatives that can reduce the amount of energy that is lost. Newly developed materials and methods are able to counteract decades of energy waste and strive to be a more efficient option.